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Don’t give it away for free… a fee is deserved.

Two videos you should not skip…

PT.1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWXYoD7wfOs

PT.2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3YWMlbMvXk&feature=youtu.be







Protect your art career by Stephen Silver

Stephen Silver (born August 30, 1972 in London, England, UK) is a British professional artist, cartoonist and character designer. He is best known as the lead character designer for animated series such as Kim Possible and Danny Phantom.
Do not take this lightly. Get a contract and expect a deposit. I’ve made next to nothing my first two years out of college and a lot of that was due to the fact that a few companies and independent clients literally stole money and time from me.

Do not let companies or individuals take advantage of you. Do not take speculative jobs that will only pay you if the completed project does well. They are looking to get free art from someone who is talented but wasn’t taught the business of art. Do not agree to be paid less than minimum wage for your skills (and that’s for labor. don’t forget to factor in cost of materials as well). You are a professional with marketable skills and deserve to be treated as such. Do not sign away all your rights to an image because that $50 looks really good right now.

You have a responsibility, if you want to be a professional artist, to learn about copyright laws and publication rights. You have the right to demand a client respects your abilities and rights as an artist. If a client has a problem with that, that should be a red flag that they are not worth doing business with. Any client worth their salt will be happy to see a contract (it does protect you both) and will not have a problem with compensating you for your work.
Artists need a guild….

I myself have been put in this position where I have been asked to do work for free, it’s upsetting to feel that you’re time is not valued as equally as theirs because you can be creative. If everyone could be creative easily why would there be an entire field of people who specialize in something others can not do?

I’ve also insisted on a paycheck, once I asked for a deposit and for some concept artwork and was told “Why would I pay you, I don’t know what it will look like or even if I want it.” It was hard at the time to stand my ground because at the time the extra cash would have been so helpful, but over the years I have never regretted standing strong and stepping away from a ‘free’ job.

Artists have skills and talent, as do brick layers, file clerks, ice cream makers, car hops, we all deserve a paycheck. Stand strong good things will come.